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                       Guys and Dolls                                
                  at The Argyle Theatre:                          
"...the young and angelic Sarah Brown, played by the enchanting Melissa Maricich who graces the stage with her gorgeous soprano voice. All four leads blend beautifully together and execute great chemistry". - BroadwayWorldReview
                  West Side Story                              
          at Tacoma Musical Playhouse:               
"... Melissa Maricich's "Maria" steals this show and sends it to heights it could not attain without her extraordinary abilities! Ms. Maricich's dialog and vocalizations in a Puerto Rican accent are spot on! A theater-goer who didn't see her as Kim McAfee in Tacoma Little Theatre's "Bye Bye Birdie" would believe the talented actress came straight from the streets of San Juan. She will find a career as an actor, singer, or both. Worth the price of a ticket all by herself, Melissa Maricich is just one superb part of this outstanding production." - AXS.Com Review
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